INOX Jewelry Multi Black Leather & Black Skull Beads Bracelet

# BRLT35

INOX Jewelry Multi Black Leather & Black Skull Beads Bracelet

# BRLT35

Men's Stainless Steel Black Multi Leather & Black Skull Beads with Fold Over Clasp Bracelet, 8.5" long.

Layering Men's Bracelets Trend: One jewelry trend we've recently spotted on men's jewelry is the bracelet-layering. We have seen bracelets take off and develop into a go-to accessory for style-conscious men. From leather to metal links, there is currently a wealth of options available to choose from, for those men who aren't afraid to confidently adorn their wrists.

Using Fold Over Adjustable Link:

1. Identify the clasp: Look for the fold-over clasp on your bracelet. It is a type of clasp that folds over itself to secure the bracelet on your wrist.
2. Locate the opening: Find the opening on one side of the fold-over clasp. This is the part where you will insert your finger or a tool to release the clasp.
3. Insert a tool: If you don't want to use your fingers, you can use a small, pointed object like a paper clip or a pin to release the clasp. Insert the tool into the opening and gently lift the clasp.
4. Push the clasp: Once you have lifted the clasp, push it away from the opening with your fingers or the tool. This will release the clasp and allow you to open the bracelet.
5. Put on the bracelet: With the clasp open, place the bracelet on your wrist and close the clasp by pressing it down until it clicks into place.

Watch a video on how to use this clasp, Click here.


Product Details

Name Multi Black Leather & Black Skull Beads Bracelet
Stock Number BRLT35
Department Fashion
Type Bracelet
Collection Multi Leather Bead

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